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Announcing the Puppies of:


Colebrae Roadhouse Blues "Tezon"
SnoValley Belfair Dreams Come True "Hope"





Born July 4, 2013


"Tezon" Colebrae Roadhouse Blues

Wild West's Solo Debut, "Solo"
Am/Can Champion Colebrae's Cool Change, "Madeline"


"Hope" SnoValley Belfair Dreams Come True

Champion Belfair Amazing Grace, "Sophie"

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Grand Champion Belfair Follow Me, "Teddy"

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Hope with her sister Shira 




Hope just hours before the first puppy came!


Hope with her pups just a few hours after birth.


Here's one of the pups pictured at 1 Day Old 


Here's the Litter on Day 2 



One of the Pups at 3 Days Old


Another 3 Day Old Image 


 Day 8


Day 9


When grown, the puppies will look like their mother or father and are tri-color or blue merle in color and have the "rough" (long) coat.  We expect to have both show prospect and pet pups available and we anticipate the pups excelling in agility, obedience and herding.  Additionally Hope has two littermates who are being trained and working as therapy dogs!

The litter is being raised in our home with an abundance of human love and interaction continually throughout the day. The puppies had their first Well Puppy Check the day after they were born and all 6 are doing great!  They will have had an eye exam at 7 weeks, an 8 week Well Puppy Check by our very thorough and knowledgeable reproductive Vet, will have had their first set of shots, been de-wormed 3 times, and come with a health guarantee.  They will also come with AKC registration paperwork.

It's an understatement to say Collies are a wonderfully sweet breed. Calm and ideal indoor companions yet active and playful outside.  Don't let the coat fool you, contrary to what many assume, they do not continually shed like many breeds.  They also do not require frequent bathing and are not 'stinky' dogs!  We love to take our Collies to the beach and no matter how much wet sand and dirt they end up 'wearing' after a good wet romp on the beach; it all comes out once they dry an hour or so later. And we don't need to rinse them off either! The correct Collie coat resists dirt.   

Hope's Dam and Sire are onsite with Hope and the puppies in Issaquah. The Parents and Grandparents on both sides have wonderful sound temperaments and are a result of 40+ years of careful breeding.  Collies are excellent family dogs as they adore people, especially children and other pets.

Fun loving and devoted, your Collie will be most happy with you, their people.  If you’re looking for a wonderful companion dog, a Collie is one of the best. 


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OFA Preliminary Report for Hope found her to have "Excellent Hip Joint Conformation"
and to be "Negative for Elbow Dysplasia" on 10/9/2012


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Last updated July 14, 2013