Manicure -  $19

Includes nail soak and shaping, cuticle conditioning and polish application.

Manicure Plus - $23

Herbal soak, nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, hand massage and polish application.   

Spa Manicure - $27

Tension melts away as hands are softened in a warm aromatherapy bath followed by a complete nail shaping and cuticle treatment.  Next a gentle exfoliation that will eliminate dead skin cells and soften hands.  After a relaxing hand massage you are invited to choose between a soothing paraffin wax dip or thermal mitt hand treatment, both are a unique treatment method designed to seal in moisture, soften cuticles and prevent hangnails.  This treatment will be  followed by the application of nail polish. 


Put your world on hold and recharge with one of my pampering pedicure services.

Pedicure - $27

Includes whirlpool footbath, toenail and cuticle treatment followed by polish application.  

Deluxe Pedicure - $32

Enjoy a herbal whirlpool footbath, toenail and cuticle treatment, exfoliation of dead skin cells including callus treatment.  Followed by a soothing foot massage and toenail polish application. 

Spa Pedicure - $40

Pamper yourself with an aromatic whirlpool footbath followed by a complete toenail and cuticle treatment.  Next a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and callus treatment.  After a stimulating herbal foot masque that will seal in moisture leaving the feet smooth and satin soft, youíre treated to a relaxing foot massage with an aromatic lotion.  The massage is followed by your choice of a soothing paraffin wax dip or a thermal boot foot treatment; either will further aid in sealing in moisture and softening feet.  Your treatment will be followed by the application of toenail polish.


    Nail Art each


    Each Additional Color



If youíve ever wished to have longer and stronger nails but donít want to endure the toxic smell and damage often associated with acrylic, youíll love Nubar Infinity UV Gel, the state of the art gel product that is my specialty. By far, this gel out performs acrylic, wraps, and other popular gels out on the market, and it is the most natural looking and feeling enhancement you can find. The average time for my clients between fills is 3 Ė 4 weeks and thatís without the issues of breaking or the enhancement lifting away from the nail.

Additionally I carry and specialize in several soak off gel polish lines, Shellac by CND, Geleration by Jessica Cosmetics and Gelicure by Nubar.  The beauty of these gel polishes is they can be worn over natural nails without damage to your nail.   And they can last up to 3 weeks before needing to be removed and reapplied.  They wonít chip, wear off and are completely dry in minutes Ė no more smudging your polish after your nail appointment! These gel polishes can be worn over the UV gel enhancement or your natural nail.  My clients wonít go back to regular polish after trying this gel polish. Donít settle for continual breakage, lifting, damage to your natural nail, or a product that yellows and is brittle; try Nubar Infinity UV Gel and the soak off polish today!  Please note the gel polish is able to be soaked off of natural nails. 

    Full Set w/Tips or Extensions


    Full Set Pink & White w/Tips or Ext.


     Nail Overlay


     Nail Overlay Pink & White


     Fill-Clear w/2 Repairs


     Fill-Regular Polish w/2 Repairs


     Fill-Pink & White w/2 Repairs


     Fill-Gel Polish w/2 Repairs


     Repairs w/Fill (over 2) each


     Other Repairs each


     Application of Soak Off Gel Polish (over natural nails)  $25

     Add Paraffin Dip & Massage



        Nail Polish Change - Hands


        Nail Polish Change - Feet


        French Polish


     Permanent Polish (w/ Fill)


 Add Paraffin Dip to Manicure or Pedicure


   Add Hand Massage to Manicure


  Add Vitamin Dip to Manicure


last updated  February 22, 2012